Discover A Radical Approach That Will Transform Your Writing And Launch Your Dream Project By Working Directly With A 10x New York Times Bestselling Author

*To reward the committed, a steeply discounted rate will be available for the first 25 people who sign up.

No More Procrastinating. This Is The Year You Share Your Story With The World!

Imagine yourself one year from now.
For the first time, you're fully committed to writing a book, a screenplay, or another project that's been weighing on your mind.
You know this is something you need to complete to feel fulfilled, yet you keep putting it off. Or maybe you started it but set it aside, feeling it wasn't good enough.

So you sought mentorship from one of the world's most successful authors and storytellers,  and learned all the best strategies, techniques, and knowledge he developed through rigorous trial and error. And through working with some of the best editors in the world.

Learnings that allowed him to transform from an admittedly mediocre writer... a Rolling Stone contributing editor, New York Times columnist, and ultimately author of ten New York Times bestsellers, a #1 Audible exclusive audiobook, and a #1 iTunes podcast.

And over the following months, you worked directly with him every single week, set goals and deadlines for yourself, were regularly kept accountable, and received frequent feedback from Neil himself to make sure your book was as good as it could be.

As a result, you now you have a fully completed work of art in your hands, ready to be shared with the world.

And not only that -- through Neil's connections, you've had the chance to send your book to an agent with a possibility of it being published. 
Or perhaps with Neil's help, you self-published so you could keep a much greater share of the revenue. Or maybe even optioned it for a film or TV project. Producers have offered to look at some of the work from this very Masterclass!

This New Year is the perfect time to set new goals and commit yourself to them.

And Neil's resolution is to help you turn this dream project into reality!

A Unique Opportunity...

Over the last few years, Neil has had the chance to support many close friends as they received publishing deals and started writing their own books.
This wasn't because he was doing them a favor, but because he thought their work was good enough for a mainstream audience.
While many of them were reluctant to do so and found the process difficult, every single one of them ended up being proud of the results. And happy they finally finished and shared their projects with the world. 
Privately, this is something he had always wanted to offer to more people, but between raising his son, writing his own books, solving missing persons cases for his podcast, organizing Society intensives, running his weekly private coaching groups, and co-authoring celebrity memoirs... is not something he was ever able to fit in his schedule.

That is, until now.

Due to the many shifts triggered by the pandemic, Neil has found himself with a rare opportunity to answer that call.

But there's a catch...

While Neil does have time, his calendar is already starting to get booked with more projects.

So we'll only be able to do this with one group of people.

The response we've received following the announcement has already exceeded the space we have available, so spots will be given at a first-come, first-served basis.

Given the very specific circumstances that allowed space for this to happen, it is also very unlikely to happen again in the future.

So, this will likely be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on your writing project directly with a 10x New York Times bestselling author...

To have someone who has already achieved the highest level of success in the field hold your hand throughout the entire process...

And keep you fully accountable to its completion.

He will not only teach you how to refine your ideas and improve your writing, he'll also share secrets of the craft that will help you create something you'll be truly proud of. Including things you'll never hear anywhere else.

Because the fact is...

In the Creative Arts, Personal Mentorship With an Expert Beats College Coursework

Neil spent some time looking over University-level writing courses.

What he found was not very encouraging.

Not only did the majority of them overly focus on the mechanics...

…spending way too much time on developing perfect grammar and using advanced vocabulary.

But most were outright restrictive to the creative mind.

Some prevented their students from writing certain literary genres entirely...

While others provided a long list of subjects that students were forbidden from writing about, including zombies and vampires, time travel, anything that touched on sexuality or violence, and even serial killers with childhood trauma. 

Serial killers without trauma were evidently fine, though.

Some courses even discouraged their students from ever giving their book a surprise ending, or even to write on a subject that had already been explored by other authors.
This was incredibly upsetting to see...
How many people were told to abandon their dream, censor their writing, ignore their passion, and then finished these courses with even more self-doubt than before?

This only made Neil more determined to create something that would make a positive difference in the world of writing.

A Radical Method To Improve Your Writing And Creativity

After working with some of the world's most creative minds, from fellow #1 best-selling authors, to Grammy winning artists, Oscar winning actors, and the biggest entrepreneurs in the world.

Neil realized that one of the things they all had in common was that they had a mentor early on who encouraged them to believe in themselves and to trust the creative process.

Good writing is NOT about adhering to strict rules of grammar, using elaborate vocabulary, or even planning every intricate detail of your story ahead of time.

It is about planting a seed, and allowing that seed to grow into a beautiful work of art without trying to control it or force it to be something it does not want to be.

You may start with an idea for a story, project, or characters. But as you start working on it, you will find that all of its pieces will begin to develop a life of their own.

This is when your project may take an unexpected turn, and start moving towards places that were unexpected... even to you.

Just like a playful and spontaneous child, nurturing these qualities and giving them the space to grow will often lead to amazing results. 

But if you try to repress this spontaneity, and let fear, self-doubt, and the opinions of others get in the way...

You'll often see them lose the unique qualities that made them so engaging and lovable in the first place.

This is part of the deeper paradigm shift you will experience and integrate as part of the Writing Masterclass and roundtable, and which act as the foundation for Neil's proven writing strategy. Other key lessons include:
  • ​How to immediately capture the reader's attention from the very moment they open your book
  • The SOC Method for overcoming writer's block, tapping into your creative core, and letting the words flow through you
  • ​The sculptural technique bestselling authors use to organize a lot of information in a cohesive manner so that all the pieces fit perfectly together
  • ​How to use small windows of time to effectively and productively work on your writing project
  • ​How to create compelling, page-turning writing that will obsess readers' and stick in their minds
  • ​The number one way to decide whether an idea is worth writing about (all professionals do this)
  • Creative hacks to instantly overcome challenges when stuck or experiencing doubt about the work
  • ​The one key mistake most beginning writers make that prevents their work from finding its rightful audience
  • ​How to get out of your own way and see your book through to completion. No more leaving projects half-finished!
  • ​Best-selling secrets of promotion, marketing, and publicity
  • ​How to get your work adapted for film and TV
  • And so much more.
This will not only change the way you write, but also significantly transform how you experience your own life.

But This Is Not Just About Writing!

Most of you shared that the one thing keeping you from starting your project was your busy life.

When Neil started planning this project, he wanted to make sure this would never be an issue ever again. So, as part of this process, he will also teach you:
  • ​How to create healthy boundaries that will ensure you can fully concentrate on your work
  • ​How to set helpful deadlines that will push you towards success, rather than paralyze you with pressure
  • ​How to improve your focus, so that you are less distracted by everyday tasks, social media, time sucks, and your own worries
  • ​How to design a writing environment that will enhance your creativity
  • ​How to gain a true mastery over your own time and schedule
  • ​How to break free of the inner obstacles often stopping you from starting or completing your writing project
  • ​And much, much more, including how to change your perception, problem-solving, and inner experience to improve your outer writing. Because your work can't look any better than the way you see the world.
Neil has put more than 40,000 hours of his life into writing, and into studying the creative process.

This means he has already made all the mistakes, has gone through all the pain and struggles to figure out what it takes to be successful, and is going to share all this with you...

So that you can reach the same level of success without all the pain, and without spending three decades to reach the same lessons.

And this will not only be an opportunity to learn from someone who has truly mastered the art of writing and storytelling... will also give you a rare opportunity to become a more organized person, as well as learn a successful routine that will help you create your book, write your masterpiece, and share your story with the world.

And to do so, Neil and his team put their heads together, and came up with three great options to serve every need:

The Professional Writing Masterclass

On February 19-21, 2021, you will learn directly from Neil Strauss, as he walks you through a radical approach that will transform not just your writing and launch your dream project, but change the way you see the world.
Over the course of this virtual masterclass, Neil will transfer the knowledge from over two decades of writing success into your mind and your fingers.
Along with hands-on, experiential exercises that will take you deeper into:
  • ​Conceiving powerful ideas that you're passionate about
  • ​​Having the courage to surrender those ideas to the creative process (a key to success that few can accomplish)
  • ​The five phases of writing (and the different mindset required for each)
  • ​The secrets of compelling writing (just because it's interesting to you doesn't mean it's interesting to others)
  • ​How to see and experience the world like a writer
  • ​How to write without fear of being judged
  • ​Foolproof techniques to blow through writer's block and sticking points
  • ​How to edit your work to create a 10x better book
  • ​The inner workings of the publishing process, from finding an agent and working with editors to self-publishing.
  • ​The power of designing and titling the book, and why these are as important to success as the words on the page
  • ​How to write a book that's smarter than you (all good books teach you more than you could ever expect)
  • ​The dos and don'ts of book marketing
  • ​Most importantly, you will work directly on your dream project and massively refine it through personal feedback
You will also work on the inner game components of writing: fear of judgment, fear of failure, fear of success, and all the I'm-not-good-enough stories that stand between you and your creativity.
Over these three days, you’ll learn secrets to writing and creativity that no writing courses we’ve seen have ever taught, and no professionals would ever want to tell. 
And best of all...

You’ll actually start putting your book together. In fact, some of you will make more progress this weekend than you have in several years. 

The Writer's Roundtable

Many of you asked for ongoing support and accountability to ensure that you hit all of your writing goals.

So option #2 features a very exclusive Writer's Roundtable.

This is where, once a week, over Zoom, you will sit with Neil and an intimate group of writers to receive direct coaching, learn tricks of the trade, break through blocks, set step-by-step goals, and be kept accountable to make sure that you complete your book by the end of the year.
Most excitingly, there will be regular writing sessions, where you will actually write in tandem with Neil and the group, and be held accountable to focus and progress.

If you put in the work and stay on track with the deadlines Neil will hold you to, you are guaranteed to have your book done by the end of 2021, as well as be forever changed as a writer, and as a person.
The creative process is tied to everything else in your life. You won’t just be working on your book. You’ll also be working on yourself, and parts of you that have blocked the book from coming out until now.
You’ll discover things about your mind that you’ve never known before, learn enough about writing at a professional level to teach others, and make huge breakthroughs in your creative and personal growth.
As you may know, Neil makes as much as a million dollars to write someone's book for them. There is an incredible upside to this knowledge, beyond the creative fulfillment. If you truly excel at this, it could be the beginning of a new, highly lucrative career.
It also means that Neil's time and knowledge are incredibly valuable and highly in-demand. So if you are accepted, consider yourself among the very few. He has turned away celebrities who were household names that asked to work with him.
Since we want to keep this personal and intimate, these spots will be very limited, and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
So, if you’re serious about making 2021 the year your book is brought to life at its full potential, make sure you put your name in ASAP to apply for a seat.  

Get The Book Written For You

Quite a few of you said the concept for your dream book is ready to go, but you don’t have the time or skills to write it. 

Instead, you would love to hire someone else to do it.
In his entire career, Neil has never done this with anyone outside of his publishing deals…
And when he does, he usually only works with celebrities, and is offered extravagant sums to do so.

Even now, there is a waitlist of artists, athletes, and other household names waiting to get a call back from him to get started on their book.
But for the first time ever, Neil and his team of personally trained editors will write the entire book for two lucky people among you, as a way to give back and help others turn their dream project into reality.
We'll work with you one-on-one to conduct interviews, where we’ll get all the ideas, experiences, knowledge, and stories out of your head and down onto paper. 
Then, we’ll mastermind the material and turn it into the best possible work of art, and Neil will personally review and direct the entire book to make sure it’s as good as it can be.

To Summarize:

Option #1:
The Writing Masterclass

  • 3-day interactive masterclass on February 19-21, over Zoom
  • Learn directly from Neil Strauss, from conceiving your ideas to executing your book to publishing your work
  • Get personal feedback on your ideas and writing, and discover a radical approach that will revolutionize the way you see the world and write about it
  • ​You will leave the event with guaranteed results and more progress on your project than likely any other weekend before.

Option #2:
The Writer's Roundtable

  • Weekly meetings with Neil and a group of writers for an entire year
  • Weekly Writing Sessions, where Neil, you, and a group of writers will each write together with no distractions and share progress reports at the end
  • ​Yearlong support, feedback, coaching, and accountability to make sure your dream project becomes a reality​
  • ​Includes a ticket to the Writing Masterclass, on February 19-21, 2021
  • 3-day interactive masterclass on February 19-21, over Zoom
  • Learn directly from Neil Strauss, from conceiving your ideas to executing your book to publishing your work
  • Get personal feedback on your ideas and writing, and discover a radical approach that revolutionize the way you see the world and write about it
  • ​You will leave the event with guaranteed results and more progress on your project than likely any other weekend before.
  • Only 20 spots available

Option #3:
We Write The Book For You

  • Rigorous interview process to draw all the important information from your mind and organize it into a book
  • ​Multiple brainstorming and mastermind sessions to work through the goals, outline, and finer details of the book
  • The book will be conceived and written by Neil and a team of collaborators who Neil has personally trained
  • Neil will personally oversee the entire project to make sure your book is the best it can possibly be
  • Only 2 spots available
Note that, due to high demand, Neil will speak with each applicant directly to see which collaboration has the most potential.
(Tip: It's about the idea and the person).
    The Admission Process...
    Nearly ten years ago, Neil launched The Society International, his private mastermind and adventure group.

    In order to ensure the quality of its members, we created a rigorous admission process.

    How rigorous?

    Let's just say that its admission rate was lower than Harvard's.

    And that was for a group that had a maximum capacity of 100 people.

    This will be different.

    We only have 20 spots at the roundtable, and only 2 people will have their book written by Neil and his team.

    Our goal is to fill this with only the most dedicated and passionate students.

    And since you will be working with Neil very closely... 

    Maybe even every week...
    We need to make sure you're truly ready for this.

    Because not everybody is.

    The reality is that, no matter which option you pick, you will be pushed to set ambitious goals for yourself, you'll be asked to take immediate action, and you'll be held accountable for the entire duration of the process.
    You also must be ready to receive constructive feedback about your work that is not always what you want to hear. This is hard for some, and it's also what transformed Neil into a world-class writer and storyteller.
    So you must be open to the editing process.
    Before we can let you in, we need to make sure that this process is right for you, and that you are right for the group.

    So, if you think you've got what it takes to be a part of this elite group, just click on the following button, put your $100 deposit down, and make sure to leave your best contact information, because Zach or Richard, who have successfully screened and interviewed potential students for Neil for over five years, will personally reach out to you in the order your information is received. 

    Spots will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Here's What One Student Had To Share After Receiving Mentorship From Neil

    Neil tipped me off to a magazine’s call for submissions that led to one of my earliest publications. He brought me into a productive collaboration with an American pop culture icon. He mentored me in my own successful efforts to secure a book deal with one of the world’s largest trade publishers. He has involved me in multiple unique, wide-ranging projects ever since.   
    As a writer, I use Neil’s interviewing and writing tips EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  

              -His piece-of-folded-paper interview technique.   
              -His Mr. Miyagi-like tip for effectively starting a story.
              -His brutal edit and hot rod strategy.  
    It has all transformed my writing. I received a master’s degree with an emphasis in creative writing and had published before, so I was no newbie –but I can’t overstate Neil’s tutelage enough. You can be a total beginner or you can think you're pretty darn good. Either way, Neil will teach you new perspectives and techniques.  
    Nothing you do with him will be easy. But it will indelibly change your interviewing, writing, publishing, storytelling, and promotion.   
    With this program, you can learn his strategies, his hacks, and his breakthroughs.

    Here's what others have been saying about working with Neil...

    "When I first met Neil, I was an unpaid intern who had just left my career in finances to chase my dreams of being a writer.
    Under Neil's guidance, I've been able to turn a dream into a career. And Neil has been with me every step of the way, as I've worked with movie stars, pop stars, and world class athletes.

    I'm still growing as a writer, and I take comfort in knowing that Neil will be there to continue to help and guide me. He has a brilliant way of condensing a note into one sentence that can totally unlock a project.

    If you have the opportunity to be Neil's mentee, I cannot recommend it highly enough."

    Ben S.
    Tom P.
    "I never thought I'd see such fast progress, not in me but in everyone, in such a short time period. It’s amazing. "
    "Working directly with Neil has supercharged my writing career. With his mentorship, I went from writing blogs and web copy to A-list celebrity books. 
    If you aspire to be a writer of any kind--either professional or recreational--I cannot overstate this: Dive headfirst into any opportunity to learn from him. 

    Neil's teachings and feedback changed my life, and my entire relationship to this craft."

    Chris S.
    Our Money-Back Guarantee
    "I am committed to your growth and progress as a writer.

    If you feel like the Writer's Roundtable
     is not having an immediate positive impact on your book, let me know within 15 days of the first session, and I'll refund your entire investment.
    With the Writing Masterclass, if you attend the entire intensive and do not feel it lived up to your full expectations, let me or my team know by midnight of the last day of the class, and I'll refund your entire investment
    No questions asked."
    -Neil Strauss
    © 2021 Neil Strauss. All Rights Reserved.