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- Brad Hart
Serial Entrepreneur

Having the clarity of mind and focus to turn your many business ideas into a successful reality....

Ridding yourself of Anxiety, so that you can think more clearly, and live happier, every single day...

Boosting your confidence, so you can rightfully go after what you deserve...

Having the mental discipline to stick to that diet, and get the body you've always wanted...

And having the internal motivation necessary to pursue massive goals to success...

If that sounds like exactly what you need to get to the next level, you'll want to continue reading, to discover how people are using this "limitless pill" to overcome sticking points, and literally rewire their brains into success....

Tell me, does any of this sound familiar? 

  • Despite your above-average professional and financial success, there’s another level you’re after now—a level filled with “Big Wins” capable of catapulting your life into the stratosphere—but you can’t reach this level no matter how hard you try… 
  •  You’ve achieved your success on your own. And not by choice, but because your friends and family can’t keep up, they don’t “get it.” 
  •  Making more money no longer excites you. Sure, more money is great, but it doesn’t give you the adrenaline rush it once did. Instead… you’re chasing meaning, passion, and purpose… 
  •  You’re becoming apathetic. Your success is starting to affect your motivation… in a bad way. The fire you once felt every morning is starting to fizzle out as you become more and more comfortable… 
  •  There’s never enough time in the day. You want to find love, pursue your passions, enjoy your hobbies… but there’s work to get done, money to be made, and business to handle… “it can wait” is running like a broken-record in your head. 
  •  You lack focus. You take on new project after new project to stay busy… but you wish you had the confidence that comes from unshakable clarity
Again… if it feels like I’m reading your mind, I’m not. 

I’ve struggled with these challenges with myself.

Luckily, I discovered a unique methodology to personal development that literally gives me the power to change my reality on demand. 

I’ll explain what I mean in just a second. 

First, let’s get the bad news out of the way…
Reading More Books, Listening To More Podcasts, Or Relying On Your Motivation And Willpower Will Not Get You The Results You’re After
You see, the first mistake people make when trying to get next level results in life is believing more information is the answer. 

For example… many struggling, single guys believe memorizing a set of pick up lines is enough to land them the woman (or women) of their dreams. 

But you and I both know without solid “Inner Game,” these poor guys don’t stand a chance with high-quality women. 

They’ll see right through the clever one-liners and spot a scared, insecure, and powerless man. 

Here’s where these men get it wrong: 

They’re focusing on tactics instead of creating the rock-solid foundation for success.

And without having this foundation in place, you don’t have the right frame to execute the tactics. 

This goes for everything you want in life—like losing that last bit of belly fat, attracting 10’s instead of 6’s, or growing your business from 6 to 7-figures. 

Now, what if you’re a master of the principles and you’re armed with the tactics? 

In this case, the only missing piece to the puzzle is action. 

Which leads me to the second mistake… 

…and that’s thinking willpower and motivation are strong enough forces to create change in your life. 

Because the fact is, willpower and motivation are not enough. 

Just think about your own life… 

What were you thinking about in January? 

Surely, you had big dreams for the year... 

And you probably viciously attacked these goals every single day for the first few months. 

But then you hit your first roadblock. 

And suddenly, you weren’t as excited about your grand vision as you were back on January 1st. 

In the blink of an eye, your dreams fade to the backdrop of your mind and die a quiet death in the “Ideas Graveyard”... 

Let’s face it: 

Willpower and motivation aren’t enough.

You see, the issue isn’t more information, more hustle, or more grit. 

The real reason why you’re struggling to change… 

Why you’re uncomfortable in social situations… 

Why you’re stuck in a professional or financial plateau… 

And why you can’t seem to master every aspect of your life… 

is because of your own self-sabotage
There’s A War Being Waged Inside Your Mind 
Right Now—And The Good Guy Is Losing!
Your behavior results from your emotions. 

And your emotions are largely controlled by your subconscious mind and your inner dialogue.

Your subconscious mind also stores your beliefs—beliefs about yourself, beliefs about others, and beliefs about the world. 

So… your beliefs lead to your emotions, and your emotions lead to your behaviors. 

In other words… your subconscious beliefs control your behaviors and how you show up in this world.

For example… 

Meet J.R, one of Neil's students.

As a child, J.R. grew up barely scraping to get by.

His family was always struggling for money.

As a result, J.R. formed a belief about himself, and about money.

These beliefs are embedded so deep in his subconscious, that he has no idea how much of an impact this has on his life.

Today, these beliefs is silently sabotaging J.R's results in life.

He works hard for his boss and is quite good at what he does for a living.

He generates millions of dollars for his boss, and could easily do it for himself, but...

His beliefs about money, and how much of it he deserves, are stopping him from going out and making his dreams a reality.

Despite his best efforts, J.R. is slaving away for others, because of his belief system.

J.R. experiences crippling levels of anxiety, is often withdrawn, and has grown very sensitive to criticism, feedback, or help from friends.

All because of a deep-rooted belief grounded in nonsense. 

And here’s the most horrific part of it all: 

J.R. isn’t even aware this is happening because this belief is locked away in his subconscious mind!

His expectations of life don't match his inner reality.

…which creates massive amounts of friction, frustration, and discomfort in his life. 

The same friction you feel related to breaking through your financial limitations… 

Your self esteem around high level individuals...

And your struggle to find meaning and purpose in your everyday life.

To bring about positive and permanent shifts in the quality of your everyday life...

You need to become aware of, change, and master your beliefs...

But how? 
The Quickest & Most Effective Way To Shatter Your Self-Sabotaging Limiting Beliefs And Unlock Astronomical Growth In Your Life
At the beginning of this letter, I told you about a unique personal development methodology that literally gives me the power to change my reality on demand. 

This is like the "limitless pill" for achieving anything in life.

It’s also highly controversial. 

Many mainstream, close-minded psychologists are enraged at its increasing popularity, and quick to brush it off as "pseudoscience"...

If you haven’t guessed by now...

What I’m referring to is the art and science of:

Neuro Linguistic Programming (or “NLP,” for short). 
Here’s what NLP is all about: 
“[NLP] encompasses the three most influential components involved in producing human experience: neurology, language and programming… The neurological system regulates how our bodies function, language determines how we interface and communicate with other people and our programming determines the kinds of models of the world we create.” 
And here’s how NLP interacts with your beliefs: 
“NLP provides tools and skills for the development of states of individual excellence, but it also establishes a system of empowering beliefs and presuppositions about what human beings are, what communication is and what the process of change is all about… [NLP] is about self-discovery, exploring identity and mission.” 
In other words… 

You can use NLP to recognize and breakthrough the limiting beliefs keeping you trapped in mediocrity… 

…and it can also be used to form new, empowering beliefs to help you effortlessly get the results you’ve been struggling to achieve

There’s just one problem. 

Learning NLP by yourself can be a very long, confusing, and time-intensive process. 

It can take years to understand the basics if you don’t have a good mentor.

You can hire an NLP Coach to work with you one-on-one, but many of these high-level coaches and practitioners will charge you upwards of $500 or $1,000 for an hour of their time...

This was the main issue I ran into when I first started learning NLP....

Thankfully, I found a few great mentors to "hold my hand" as I utilized NLP to improve every aspect of my life.

NLP helped me overcome my “Imposter Syndrome” and made me into the person I am today.

And after incorporating NLP into work with hundreds of powerful men in The Society over the past few years, I noticed something strange:

All these guys knew the basics of how to use NLP for communication -- mostly to meet beautiful women, and close lucrative busines deals...

But so few of them were using NLP as a tool for their own personal goals...

So… I ran an experiment...

We decided to teach NLP to our members, to help them achieve their individual goals, and overcome major life obstacles...

Take a look at the results from this experiment… 
This is when I realized how powerful NLP is for the high-performer looking to breakthrough to the next level. 

And then I had another crazy idea…  

What would happen if I gathered the leading NLP experts together in one room to teach this life-changing tool to a group of elite men?  

And what happened, if we made this three-day event so jam-packed with actionable information, that each participant could walk away with their own NLP Practitioner Certification....

This “crazy idea” took on a life of its own… which is why you’re reading this now. 

The NLP Certification Course

Discover How To Rewire Your Brain So You Can Breakthrough To The Next Level In 3 Days—Or Your Money Back! 
On December 8th in Reno, Nevada…

 The world’s leading NLP Experts will gather together to reveal their proven life-changing, confidence-boosting, and belief-forming techniques with an intimate group of hand-picked attendees. 

And in just a moment, you’ll find out how you can boost your odds of being selected to attend this event.

And at the end of this intensive hands-on three-day weekend, you'll be professionally certified as an NLP practitioner.

But first, let’s get clear on what this event is not about: 

  •  This is not a “feel good” conference filled with fluffy theories we’ve all heard before.
  •  This is not a boring 3-day lecture series with an exam (we’re not in college anymore).
  •   This is not an event where you’ll learn how to hypnotize and manipulate people into acting outside of their best interests. 
This Is What You’ll Learn 
During Our Three Days Together… 

  •  How to instantly put yourself in a state of “Accelerated Learning” so you can learn anything more efficiently, more effortlessly, and more enjoyably (this little-known 6-step process was created by a Bulgarian scientist and has been kept secret—until now).  

  •  The “EPIC Goal Setting Process” you can use to get crystal clear on what you want and how to guarantee you achieve it (No… I’m not talking about “SMART Goals”).

  •   How to manipulate your “Reality Filters” and override the destructive thought patterns lurking in your subconscious mind. 

  •  How to become a “Master Social Architect” using “Perceptual Positioning” (Once you understand this, you’ll be capable of diffusing deal-breaking conflicts, leading teams of people who may despise you, or calming the nerves of your romantic partners). 

  •   The “7 Habits of Failure” silently sabotaging your success this very second (and how to never fall victim to these obvious traps again) 

  •  How you can use “Submodalities” to instantly and effortlessly eliminate the charge from your negative emotions and enrich the charge of your positive emotions. 

  •  How to use the “Submodality Belief Change Process” to rewire the limiting beliefs anchored deep in your subconscious mind (doing this will make the impossible feel like “child’s play”...) 

  •  Leverage the “Parts Theory” to eliminate the limiting choice in your your life (so… instead of always thinking “this or that”... you’ll be hardwired into creating “this and that” situations) 

  •  How to clearly identify unwanted emotions, habits, fears, phobias, beliefs, physical pain… and your preferred beliefs, emotional states, and actions (this simple exercise will give you unshakable confidence and clarity) 

  •  Real life “Rapid Mindset Change” demonstrations to help you visualize the power of the skills you’re mastering (and if you’re lucky, you’ll be one of the few “guinea pigs” selected for this presentation) 

  •  How to read the emotions of anyone you come in contact with using “Sensory Acuity” techniques (this will give you the power to know how others are truly feeling… instead of relying on how they say they’re feeling)

  •  How to use matching, mirroring, cross-over matching, mismatching, and pattern interrupts to create instant rapport with anyone… getting them to know, like, and trust you in minutes (instead of weeks, months, or even years)

  •  The “7-38-55 Rule of Personal Communication” and how you can use this simple insight to dramatically improve your social interactions (even if you’re anxious, awkward, or nervous around big groups of people) 
And much, much more… 

What Others Are Saying About These Events...
"What I've gotten out of The Society is more than doubling my salary. My career is much more focused. It's far more successful than it was a few years ago."

Leading Australian Entrepreneur
"I would never have thought that my life could change so fundamentally practically overnight. I still can't bnelieve it"
VP Operations
"A great part of The Society is that not only do we get all this knowledge, we get an opportunity to practice it"

"There's just no ego in the group at all. Everybody is super supportive and everybody actually really enjoys the success of others"

CEO of Nightclub Conglomerate
"So there's this "bone-deep" commitment towards making sure everyone in The Society achieves what they want to. Not only do you have a group of individuals that hold you accountable and want to see the best for you, but the resources are there to actually help provide the path. I think this Society is just one of those "once in a lifetime opportunities" to invest in yourself."

Self Improvement Guru
"Everyone of the members of The Society is a person who is high caliber, who is honest, who is true to their word, who truly aspires to be more than who they are now"

Military Officer
"The Society has really taught me the value of real friendships, real values, real happiness, and real direction in your life"

Warning: The NLP Certification Course Is Limited 
To 100 High Performers Only… 

Because anything larger than 100 and it becomes nearly impossible to give you the personalized attention need to create lasting change.

By keeping this event small, you’ll form better relationships with the other attendees… you’ll receive more time with me and our guest experts… and you’ll more quickly achieve the results you’re after. 

Plus, all of our event attendees must pass our rigorous “screening process,” which is why we’re accepting applications only. 

This helps keep out any “bad eggs” who could ruin your experience. 

So, to boost your odds of being accepted to the NLP Intensive, and to claim our very generous super-early bird discount....

Submit your application below before the timer runs out (or before we fill all 100 spots, whichever comes first).
Here’s How To Apply For The NLP Certification Course: 
The “No Brainer” 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you attend this exclusive event, participate in all the exercises, and still think you weren't able to achieve the results you wanted...

Let us know within 30 days of the event, and we'll refund your investment in full with no questions asked.

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